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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Aadhar : E Adhar Card Download Update Status UIDAI

E-Aadhar card

Now a day Adhar card is mandatory everywhere that issue by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).The Aadhar card is unique with UID number. Now a day Aadhar is using every where for all purpose like Proof of Identity etc.As We know Now Government provides most of the benefit could include things like government subsidy on various platform.The UIDAI is first introduced in January 2009.

If You Want To Download Aadhar Card Please Follow Bellow Step

Aadhar Card Download With Aadhar Number 

Step 1. Click below link to visit UIDAI Aadhar Official website.

Step 2. In this Screen Two Option (Enrollment Id, Aadhar Card) If you have Not Aadhar Number then Choose Enrollment Id.

Step 3.Then you need to fill the detail of your enrollment slip Or Aadhar Card.In this Screen, you need to Enter Enrollment Id With Date and Time.The Given Image Highlighted specific Value that you need to Enter for Download E Aadhar. Note:(Enroll. Id (1212/12121/12121) Date Time (00/00/0000 12:12:12)).

Please Check Image Carefully Then Try Your Self

Step 4.
  • If you are Chosen Adhar Card then You Need to Enter 12 Digit your Aadhar Number In Box.(Adhar Card Number In This Formate (1111/1111/1111)). 
  • Then Enter Your Name As per Your Aadhar Enrollment Slip or Aadhaar card). 
  • Enter your six digits pin code (111111). 
  • Enter Captcha Code that shows you.
  • Finally, Enter your mobile number (Which you have given while Registering with Adhar). 
  • At Last, You need to Enter Mobile Number that registered with your Aadhar card. 
  • The Final Click On "Get One Time Password".

Step 5. Check your Mobile and Enter OTP in The last box and click on Validate & download.
finally, your EAadhar card is downloaded. you can open and Enter your Area code (pin code) as a password of E Aadhar.

How to Download Aadhar card without Mobile Number?
Some how At a time of Enroll in Adhar card forgot to register Mobile number with Adhar card.So people worry about It. Aadhar card download without mobile number also possible.here we teach you how?
Please Follow Step For E Aadhar.
Step 1. Visit UIDAI Website Just Click bellow Button.

Step 2. Choose 1st option I have * Enrolment Id 

Step 3. Enter All detail with help Of Enrollment Slip

Step 4. At Last, Enter Your Mobile Number That you have ( In This Case Not Necessary to registered mobile number any mobile number Worked). Then Click on Get One Time Password.

Step 5. Enter OTP and Download Your E Aadhar.

If you any Question-Related Aadhar Then Comment Us We are Happy to Help You.

What is Aadhar Card?

The Aadhar card is one of the cards that provided by UIDAI and it a valid life time. Aadhar is issued once the application approved and after that Adhar card number provided.If you have Aadhar number and you want to download Eaadhar then here we give simple step to Download Adhar card.

How To Enroll in Aadhaar Card?
Every Indian people compulsory need to enroll in adhar card. The process of Apply Aadhar card in two way offline and online. Indian citizen needs to book an appointment at Aadhar center. follow the given step to get Aaadhar.
  • The initial step is to book an appointment in nearest aadhar center. also it possible through the online aadhar book appointment UIDAI Portal.on this site fills necessary contact detail with the nearest center along with date and time.
  • After successfully booked you need to visit specific Aadhar center with a necessary document.
  • After your enrollment, Aadhar service provider gives you enrollment slip. 
  • Please Don't forget to register a mobile number with Aadhar.
  • After a short period of time, you received aadhar number in your register mobile.
  • Then within 1 month your Aadhar card posted by UIDAI authority in your residential Address.
How To Download E Aadhar Online?

Hey, Dear, You don't Worry About Adhar Card.Here We give you step to Adhar card download with mobile number and Aadhar card download without a mobile number.

How To Update Aadhar Card Online?

  • As per UIDAI's website, there are 3 ways to update or correct your Aadhar card details.UIDAI Provide Best Facility to Update Aadhar Online.The Uidai provide 3 way for Aadhar card Update.Here We Give Information about how to update Aadhar. 
  • Update Adhar Card By Online. 
  • Update Aadhar by post. Also, You can update Adhar card by visiting nearest Aadhar center.
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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Aadhar Card Update Correction Online

Aadhar Card Update

As We know comment mistake is not allowed in Aadhar card.So obviously need To correct Aadhar.The major mistake in aadhar such like name, address, Mobile number DOB etc.Some of the people visit nearest aadhar center for update aadhar card. But In this Post, We teach you how to Update aadhar Card online by your Self.

Aadhar Card Correction Process

Dear User, Please Follow All the step for aadhar card update data. So Read all the Step and After apply for the process.

How To update Aadhar Card?

STEP 1: Open This  Website By Click On this Link https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/update

This Website For Aadhar Card Update And Here You Need To Enter Your Aadhar And After Entering Text Verification You need to Click On Send OTP. (Please Check This Image).

Note: - Online Aadhar Card Correction is possible For RegistereIf d Mobile With Aadhar. (your Mobile Number Not Register With Aadhar Card Check Out How To Register Mobile Number With aadhar card.)

STEP:2 Check Your Registered Mobile For OTP Message.It Looks Like (See Image).

After You Need To Enter OTP And Click On Login (Check Image)

STEP:3 After You Need To Select Option For your Requirement Like You Need Update Address then Check on Adress.(More Info Check Image).

If You Want To Update Aadhar Card With Multiple Option Like Update Name DOB Address Mobile Number Then Check Mark Multiple Option And Then Click On Submit.

STEP:4 Fill Detail As Your Correction Adhar Card. And Click Submit Update Request.

Step:5 Click On Proceed Button (If you Want To Modify Then You can !).

Step 6. Now You Need To respected Document For Verification and Validation.Then Click On Submit Button.

Note: Dear User Please Upload Right Document Other wise your Request is rejected.

Step 7. Confirm Dialog Box And Click on Yes Button.(Check Image).

Step 8.  Final You Need To Select Any One Option Either Aegis or Karvy Then Click On Submit.

Finally, You Get URN Number.Using URN Number You Can Check Aadhar Update Process. 

Finally Your Registered Mobile Number Receive Status of Your aadhar card 


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

This Purpose of Aadhaar Card Require in India

Purpose of Aadhaar Card

The Indian government published Aadhar card as it shows all the general details about a person on a single card.This Adhaar card includes a 12 digit unique number to each and every card. Which stay as a proof of an identity and address of a person. Aadhaar card is not only limited to the proof but it also needs for all government evidence as it to be linked with documents for driving license, open a new bank account and more Another formalities. And Aadhaar number is issued to only one Aadhaar card holder it can not repeat

  • Aadhar Card Uses

    1) Universal identity card

    From The use of Aadhaar card a person and identify from the one Aadhaar number .it also useful in linking the documents in important documents to get all government services.

    2) Government subsidy
  • Indian government provides subsidies to the farmers and all needed people. Sometimes people misuse this facility as they take Two times subsidies by different names and all illegal activity to get more welfare. Thus to solve this problem government issues all in one identity card as Aadhaar card.

    3) Gas connections
  • Nowadays according to the scheme PAHAL DBTL, it is compulsory to look the Adhaar number to the gas connection and with bank account also.

    4) Phone connections
  • In new phone or landline, it is also compulsory to link Aadhaar number with all documents as in the Aadhaar card it is detailed information about address and name of the person.

    5) Bank accounts
  • If you have linked your Aadhaar number with your bank account then it is beneficial as if you get any welfare according to the government activity than the can directly transfer the amount to your bank account and your time and energy saved.

    As like other cards or documents adhar card has no any time limits it is Valid until the end of the people.

How To Link Aadhar With PAN To File Income Tax

  • It is required to link your Adhaar number With the pan card. Some have not paid their income tax return as they have not done so.by following steps you can complete this remaining task.

Steps to link Adhar with PAN for IT return
  • First off all Log on to the following income tax website - http://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/ 
  • Then Choose the ‘Link Aadhaar’ option 
  • Then Enter the details like Aadhar number, PAN details, and name as it is on the Aadhar card.

Aadhaar Number Details
Generally, Adhaar card is not the only card but it is the detailed information about a person through the unique 12 digit number.

What Is Aadhaar Number?

The Aadhaar number includes the 12 digit number to a person which is provided as per consolidation of information about a bank account, license, passport, etc. It also has the card holder's biometric data. 

Format of the number
In this Adhaar card, 100 million of people are assigned a single particular number.This Adhaar number is of 12 digit number. In this first 11 numbers are different and the last is for check digit to help and stop any mistakes in the data entry.

Details Of Aadhar Card
The following details are included in the Aadhaar card with 12 digit Aadhaar number.

  • The name of the candidate 
  • The Aadhar number 
  • The enrollment number (EID) 
  • A photograph of the candidate 
  • The address of the candidate, as per the records. 
  • The candidate's date of birth. 
  • The gender of candidates 
  • A barcode that represents the Aadhar number itself. 
  • The biometric data of the candidate.

Aadhar Card Vs Aadhar Number

People are giving importance to an Aadhaar card but they do not know the card is important due to it's Aadhaar number. In Aadhaar number it is the identification of a person.and one number is issued at any one time.

Eligibility Criteria For Aadhar Card

Aadhaar card is important to know the number of all Indians. This single document of a person has the proof of identity and the proof of address.if Aadhaar number is linked with the other documents then they get beneficial activity of the government warfare.to get adhar card and number there are some criteria which have to fulfill they are quite simple.

The card is only issued for an identification of the candidate.it is not for the citizenship. As Indian, non-resident Indian and foreigners can also issue that.

Eligibility is shown below:
  • All citizen of India Can apply for aadhar card. 
  • After 3 years of children eligible for aadhar card. 
  • Non-resident Indians can also apply for the card. 
  • Also Non-Resident Indian can apply for aadhar card. 
  • Foreigner also take advantage of aadhar card

    Aadhaar For Resident Indians
    A person who is living in India I no matter about race, religion, gender.is available for issuing Aadhaar number and card.
Aadhaar For MinorsMinors can also issue the Aadhaar card with the help of their birth certificate through the identity and address. They should be 1 year old and after 15 year they have to Update their biometric data.

Aadhar For NRIs
NRI is also eligible for Aadhaar card issuer. so that they can participate in the convenience.

Aadhaar for foreignersThe foreigners who are residing in India are eligible for issuing Aadhaar card.this one most important thing for eligibility for issuing Adhaar card is to be resident in India. And is valid for UID.

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